Music To My Ears

I love all kinds of music so let me make that clear
I like country and rock when I am out at a party and drinking some beer
Yes I am now in my 50''''s and I do like some of the rap
but not the kind that rattles my windows from the passing cars it makes my blood pressure go up and I would love to make those drivers lips phat
I have all my favorite songs of the music I love all burned on a cd and they shall play it at my funeral that way everyone will truely get to know me
We all love music and have our favorite songs it's those ones that makes everyone of us happy as we sing along. Then there is just music that was not meant to have any words and it is powerful and strong it fulls the spirt full of joy or sadness as we listen along
Music to my ears seem to be of every kind I have some people turn me on to some and like them I also made it mine!
magicwriter49 magicwriter49
51-55, M
Nov 10, 2012