I Should Have Known From the Music..

i think a big part of the reason my last boyfriend and i broke up was our spectacular clash in tastes of music.

He's a Limp Bizkit fan and also likes foreign, repetitive techno music filled with beeps.

I play the guitar, and I really prefer to listen to acoustic songs, or ones with nice words and feeling.  Songs that evoke emotion, or bring back memories.

Or epic guitar riffs :)

And <3 Hendrix.

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16 Responses Jul 25, 2008

They sound good for learning. Too comfy and you might fall asleep. Ill fitting trousers were invented to keep us productive.

They're a bit tight in all the wrong places and suitably balloony in the others. I got them from an op shop.

Tights or the balloony ones?

And here I am wearing my Shakespeare trousers toting around this skull.

I hate lint on my biscuits! They get like that when I keep them in my pocket for a couple days. It sucks almost as bad as when you eat **** thinking it's just chocolate that looks like ****! You bet that was a lesson.<br />
Haa, lolaudience.

Lint Bizkit, ugh. But, different strokes.

***knock***knock***<br><br />
I just wanted to say, you two are adorable :)<br><br />
And making me giggle.<br />
Carry on...

I don't even have a stalking hall of fame, so you've got me beat. I have a small cardboard box filled with memoirs from all my stalkers and the only thing in there are a few pieces of dog-****-looking dark chocolate from somebody. I bet thats a lesson of some sort.

In my Stalking Hall of Fame you have by far the High Score. There's a little gold trophy next to your screenname and everything.

Top score!

I'm a second guesser.<br />
<br />
You win at stalking.

Nooo you don't fail at writing stuff. I got you. You just win at second guessing!

I wasn't talking about his Florida bits! That IS what I meant! Rreee! I fail at writing stuff.

lol yeah I saw your original one and I thought you were saying their music was weak or, you know ... limp. Haha. I actually didn't even think you were talking about his Florida bits.

Haha, I had a comment here that sounded like I was linking Limp with his uh, you know. But I didn't intend it like thaat. Not that I'm implying that he was a good **** or that we even, you know.. Oh ****. Why'd I start?!

Your last boyfriend sounds like an unrelenting douchebag. Limp Bizkit? ****. Even Limp Bizkit doesn't like Limp Bizkit anymore.