Sanctuary = Music For Me

A melody, or a song, poems with admirable declarations aboded nicely in a relevant sequence to which we can narrate to. Because we as character beings have also walked those almost exact steps. Where would I be without it? Definately worst off than i am now that's for sure. I have music on faithfully, it makes me blissful, melancholy, wrathful, and chaotic but that is what life has handed us to use with good reason. Music is my superlative friend, or at times can be my overcoming enemy, but i can't spurn it, its there to use as i wish, to cheer myself up or maybe if i want a good cry. Eveyday Like Clockwork.

Music is my soul, my essence, when i am gone and long and ancient, i hope there will stiill be song in my judgement, for that will be the only thing still living about me that helped keep me operative in some way. My legend. My Savior

Caring is Sharing o x o

embrissa embrissa
41-45, F
1 Response May 16, 2007

Music can express you or you can place yourself into the music and read it according to your own experience. Sometime a friend will point you to a good piece and give you a few words about how it makes them feel. You can listen to it and understand what the friend means AND you can re think the music to fit your self. What a WONDER music has become!<br />
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