Sweet Music In My Ears

In my room listening to music, with my son sleeping in the bed we share.

Focusing on the lyrics , as I sit in my Papasan Chair.

I couldn't help but to look them up, and read them as I listen.

I love the words I'm taking in, these Lyrics that have been written.

I hear the words, not just the music, I feel I can relate.

It feels so good but my heart swells up with feelings that are hard to take.

I feel I'm being spoken to when I hear and see these words.

they're bittersweet, these feelings, from something I've never heard.

this feels so strange, I start to cry, after a melancholic smile.

these lyrics flowing through my body, my veins, absorbing in my mind

So I leave you with this message as I begin to fall asleep,

I will play my music everyday, and take it with me to my dreams

I love the sound of sweet sweet music, playing loud inside my ears

I now appreciate these beautiful lyrics, after all my listening years

Music makes me happy...
amimichal84 amimichal84
26-30, F
Dec 2, 2012