Pink Floyd's Great Gig In The Sky (dsotm)

I'm just sitting here listening to "Great gig in the sky" by PInk Floyd- from the "Dark Side Of The Moon"

What a brilliant track - Rick wright's chord changes - the movements, the sounds, it's just such a fab track.

I mean, the whole lp (sorry I'm a vinyl addict-) is brilliant, but I get to that track and that first chord plays, and I just have to turn it up a bit.

And then, theres those vocals - Claudia is just soooo amazing.

When I saw them at earls court a few years ago - Sam brown was one of the backing singers, and her rendition moved me to tears(literally)

Rip Rick- you are missed- and every time I hear this track- I think of you.

expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 3, 2012