I Love Rock Music

My two favourite Rock Bands are Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Their stage performances have been awesome. I had the opportunity to be at the Led Zeppelin's live performances in 2007. It was out of this world.

The guitar pieces ....well that is where you really enjoy real guitarists.

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i saw led zepplin many years ago..i am blessed to have seen stairway to heaven live...will never forget them, or that wonderful night.!

oh i would have loved to have seen bob!

I have seen Bob Dylan at the Wembley too. Wow. The present day music cannot hold a candle to what these "oldies" have to offer us.

Yeah i Love Deep Purple too ...
specially ....any fule know that ....when a blind man cries ....hallelujah just r more than awesome....


My dad had some old albums of Deep Purple one of those was Deep Purple in Rock. There are quite a few of those albums yet. He has them all. It will be mine soon

wow.. congrats .. :-))
I have only 30 songs of them ..
thx for reply ... x0x0x0

Really? wow. One of the albums had a tune on it. I think it was "The Mule" It took the entire side of one of the albums. He has them on the cassette tapes too. Now that must be worth something.