How Did I Miss This Group?!

I certainly belong here, but STIll don't see a 'join the group' icon...!
youneeda youneeda
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

how DID you miss this group STEVE???

A-HEM !!? I thought I mentioned that stuff already?!?! I don't know, MIRA!!?
( are you being a Stinker??!)

lol, you already know :)


It would b great to hear u...could u post a video? I'm ur fan, and u teach so u know how to handle the public...i also know i can't force this is just a suggestion. xxx

AWWwwwwww! We'll see.....


I look forward to meeting and chatting with other music lovers,as well as helping young folks learn about good music.
I am open to hearing who or what they love, as well. It saddens me that there are SO many people-it seems!-- for whom music makes no impact--they are unaware...clueless. They think what and who they see on TV....are "Idols" !!! lol

u'r right baby....always