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Since i was a child i have been surrounded by music, my mum always had either the radio on or the record player which was a box like instrument with a turntable and a needle that sat on the vinyl,
Although i came from a household that played an eclectic mix of music, it has given me an appreciation of the classics country middle of the road contemporary, let say i love every type of music and appreciate its sound and value.
The beatles are the first memory of pop music i remember( how old am i lol) and i still have the greatest respect for John Lennon, who hasn't, not ashamed to say but my parents loved Jim Reeves and that song was special to me (blue eyes crying in the rain, loved it and still love it call me sentimental but it is lovely).
As i began to grow into a teenager my taste went from new romantic to punk to pop and Bruce Springsteen, i think i fell in love with him when i was 16 on that video with Courtney Cox(dancing in the dark), He still is a great favourite of mine.
To this day my love of music will never wean, it cheers me up gives me everlasting memories and all the people i have met through the art of music, yes i really do love music........
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My first memories of music come from my big sister, She,s 4 years older than I am so it was late 50s music. My folks didnt have a record player(though dad bought an 8 track tape player in the late 70s). My first one was the type you had.I remember seeing the Beatles first appearance on TV on the Ed Sullivan Show (you think you're old, KID ::))..I came of age listening to the Beatles and many other 0s legends. I saw my share of them in concert, too. .I also hitch hiked from Boston to Bethel, NY in 1969 to attend the Woodstock Art and music festival *waits for awestruck look of admiration*....Yep, I was a Hippie, I'll tell you all about it in a more private setting ;)))

i would really love if you would, pm plz

I grew up listening to all these. I still sing Jim Reeves; I know all his songs. But "Blue eyes crying in the rain" is sung by Willy Nelson. No harm, I love them all. ;-)

but Jim Reeves was the original, love Willie Nelson...

My favorite Jim Reeves is "He'll have to go" or "whispering pines". I sing these karaoke at the neighborhood bar.

love that one!'' he'll have to go''

Yeah, it's one of my favorites. I have a deep, baritone voice that works well with this type of song. "I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down Lowwww..."
Wish I coud sing to you. ;-)

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Hi really liked story
I love music that coffee get through the day.
Music helps to change my mood
I like blues and soul music

I also have a varied love of music thanks to my parents and what they listened to. Herman's Hermits, The Kingston Trio, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, and so much more music thankfully they also gave me a love of musicals as well and in turn my children love musicals. Music transcends generations.

yes in total agreement with you there

it was a lovely type of music....