My Ipod Is Called Matilda

Music is my best friend. It goes wherever I go, whatever my mood it can match it or try to combat it depending on which I want.
It can uplift and it can bring down and cause emotion people didn't even know existed, this is why I love music.

My taste is a very mixed bag, with all genres of any kind; if it is music, I'll listen is the one rule I have.
Although I know some people will have more, I'm still proud of my ten thousand strong Itunes library, all legitimately acquired I may add, that has both Megadeath and Bach in the same playlist, it's very strange to hear them one after the other.

Not too sure what to put now... I guess a few of my favorite artists/bands/composers (In no particular order)

Nobuo Uematsu is my most played recently. Although I have been a fan of his for over sixteen years (He composed many Final Fantasy video games, and I was captivated by FFVII's score) I have just got back into his compositions and find them easy to do both work and sleep too.

Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Spunge and any other ska music. Ska makes me bounce, it makes me smile and it makes me feel so energetic it is the perfect early morning genre to bounce along too. I have been a big Ska fan for some time and would say it is the main genre of my collection. I love that even the most depressing and saddening Ska songs still have a bounce to them purely because of the brass instruments.

I Fight Dragons, Leet Street Boys, Togun. with the birth of the internet, music has come on in leaps and bounds. Youtube has opened up so many avenues to new music and old that had previously been forgotten. The beauty of this is, that no artist or band is tied to doing one thing or obeying the law of labels, they can churn out song after song just because they love making music!

Well, that is a brief (kind of) rundown on why and who I love in music. Go forth, listen and let your mind wander :D
Nazryl Nazryl
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012