My Ipod Is Like A Person

My Ipod's got tons of diferent music , from diferent artists , all genres of music , since I put there music I like and music that my friends like to hear when there listening something with me.
My friends have an opinion about him too :

Pop/Commercial Girls - They usually like my Ipod , but tend to say "you're missing the latest Kesha song , are you kidding me? "

Friends who just listened to one dubstep song - "OMG YOU HAVE SKRILLEX , I LOVE YOUR IPOD"
Friends who only listen to dubstep- " Omg , you have skrillex , seriously ? "

The Divided Friend - "I freaking love your Ipod , you have Lady Gaga , Knife Party , Crystal Castles , Kins of Convenience and Bach , all of my favourite artists!" - you have a really messed up music taste

The Ignorant - "I hate your Ipod. Who the hell is Snoop Dogg ? Never heard of him. Katy Perry , who the f*** is her ? Seriously I can't listen to your Ipod full of random no-nothing artists "

The one who loves dark music - " How is it possible that you DON'T HAVE SLIPKNOT ON THIS DEVICE? (I said that I don't enjoy Slipknot , because to me they seem like a bunch of animals screaming) - I almost got my Ipod crushed that day.

These are the most common people who get to hear from my Ipod , and note that every story is true and that I could write a novel based on the things I hear from certain friends.
Thingsinlife Thingsinlife
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012