It Takes Two To Tango

This is a song I wrote that I just need to put to music and once i do that I want to video myself playing it and post it up. I just want some opinions on the song before I put myself completely out there(cowardly I know but I could really use some feedback on the lyrics):
Verse 1:
don't you blame me
for all the faults that you see
it's not my job
to keep you happy

And you say
you're finally free
better off without me
i find that funny
cause i didn't make you stay

You call me a heart breaker
a one true love faker
a chance not worth taking
one big mistake in the making
but honey, it takes two to tango

verse 2:
it hurts to know
we were so close
but too far away
to ever be more than friends

I said from the start
i can't give my heart
I never once lied
I just promised i'ld try

Chorus(because of pure laziness i am not going to retype the chorus, forgive me)

Verse 3:
I guess for you
that just wasn't enough
can't imagine how tough
moving on must be

we were once a good team
for a moment like a dream
the moment past and just like that
it was over.

SO, like I said this is a song I wrote all by myself it's about a break up me and this guy had and for a month he told everyone that I was one true love faker. Told this guy interested in me that I was just a heart breaker and such. Then HE wrote a song saying I wasn't worth the time and blah, blah, blah; so this is just kind of my response and feelings about it. hope you like it. when I post the finished product online I hope everyone likes it!
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Dec 16, 2012