Rock And Metal Band

Here i will relate all the best band and do a small comment about it


Not in order of preference

Marylin Manson
- common does it need any explanation?

- Epicness can't be described

Lamb Of God
- hahaha asking explanation for this is doubting god himself

- Some might disagree on this one but this german dude is sick ( lyric is not everything you know? )

- they don't do anything like any other rock/metal band but still succeed in making some psychedelic music and video

- Personally i love this band , they got great lyrics great voice great music

My Chemical Romance
- I might not like the recent music but The old one were amazingly good for me

Dead Letter Circus
- you might not know this one yet but will probably soon ( sound a bit like tool so if you like tool go listen to that )

- This band if amazing got a great voice great tuning and great music its a must to any rock lover

Thirty Second To Mars
- My girlfriend will be jealous because i praise those guy i just love their music so much :P

- Not very popular but still very good and worth watching Just like randy from lamb of god said : I don't even know why its not already a radio hit!

- I don't know if i should put it in a rock - metal band but still yes its there anyway because i just love it

Bullet For My Valentine
- Scream , Epic Riffs , Very Good Lyric What are you waiting for ? go listen to it now!

Black Veil Brides
- i don't personally Favorite this band . but it seem to make lots of fan lately , so it worth listening to and maybe they will count a new fan in their army :P

Hollywood Undead
- Rock , Rap , Pop unite to create this Unique Band , entertaining music , explicit and deep lyrick unique style its a must listen to

Linkin Park
- Even if i am not a fan of their last album i enjoyed Meteora, and EVERY SONG from this period
and who don't know LP anyway? even my mom listen to it

Coheed and Cambria
- Amazing Voice and guitar ! my favorite music from them : Here we are juggernauts And Welcome home

- I guess my fellow Speedmetal lover will agree with me on this one this band if epic !

Los Campesinos
- I don't know if i consider them a rock band or not but i do consider them to be a GREAT BAND

All That Remains
- Nothing to say much about this band he made he way to the top for a reason he AMAZING

The Fray
- He got a sweet voice, have some good lyrics joined by good piano and guitar playing i love it

- ... What do you expect me to say ? God? , Ultimate , hero?

Iron Maiden
- 1975 - 2012 and still rocking ! i guess you got the idea GO LISTEN TO IT!

- Yes oh dear pantera, i still listen to you and get the same feeling as the first time

Guns N Roses

- yes , Legendary

- Who can doubt it? ( i don't listen to it personally ) but common he played with so much band and made great music with them! he a legend and he have he own band too

Killswitch Engage
- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry just saying the name remind me of all the great song they do !

- SCREAM !!!!!! PLAY !!!!!!! ROCK !!!!!!! m/

Jimy Hendrix Experience
- Who never heard about Jimy Hendrix lol ?

Bon jovi
- Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Van Halen
- They even make the ugliest teacher look hot when you listen to them!

- I don't like them personally , but i don't doubt they talent and rock-attitude

Black Sabbath
- no black Sabbath NO METAL! So think again before insulting the band that inspired all ur best metal band!

Led Zeppelin
- Oh Dear Led Zep i want to walk on the stairway to heaven

- Still Rocking in 2112

- Metallica doubt him .. HE DEFINETLY SHOWN THEM WRONG!

Ozzy Osbourne
- The Prince Of Darkness

- Even after all these year they still rock !

The Rolling Stones
- Epic, Epic, Legendary

- Oh the name say it all ! because that where it bring you when you listen to it

Foo Fighters
-Million of fan can't be wrong ( im an HARDCORE FAN OF THEM ALL HAIL FOO FIGHTERS )

Queen of the Stone age
- Just go with the flow buddy just GO WITH THE FLOW

the smashing pumpkins
- 2 word : Cherub Rock

red hot chili peppers
- I looooooove it been a fan since the first time i listened to them!

Green Day
- I am not a fan or a listener but still i don't disagree on the fact that this band was very good

Goo Goo Dolls
- I love you baby ko ^^

The Who
- who? yes the who.. but who what? you are lucky ignorance is not deadly..

- no wonder HALL OF FAME

Pink Floyd
- i got nothing more to say i should end up the list now.. it just reached an holy status but i will keep doing it

( PART 2 LATER ) you can post comment on who you think deserve they place or not and explain why :P
see ya all later

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OMG....all my favorite bands...exept simple plan but still O.O



Yah! lol nice work xD