Music Is Everything I Am

For me every event in life has a soundtrack. I love music so much that even when I am day dreaming there is a soundtrack in the background to make it more perfect! Life wouldn't make any sense without music.
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Guys check out the band Walk The Moon if you don't know them yet. Great band, great songs!

best break-up song ever!!! AVPS - Stutter -

you're so quite these days! what's your New Year's theme? Mine was followed by Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack and Glee Music! Unfortunatly my friends are so boring and nobody went to the dance floor. So disappointing. Sometimes I think I have the wrong age! Or the wrong friends LOL

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preparing the playlist for New Year's party that I am holding at my place. If you have any suggestion on how to get people of old spirit to the dance floor let me know!!!! I am in The-Club-Can't-Handle-Me mood! LOL

Guys check this out! It's really sweet

Have u ever listen this song

what language is that?


Let cha freak flag fly haha

I totally agree. Music makes the world go round.

i feel the same as you i have so much music in my laptop and i have three ipods and my phone is filled everyone thinks im crazy with music...but i cant help it i just love it so much(:

I am watching Cold Play at the moment being broad cast on the local TV station. love music and does help to wind me down

<p>i feel the same way. i used to feel guilty about it and felt misunderstood, especially family. i have 4000 songs on itunes. i cannot download anything cause i'm at a nursing home. my sister put 10% of my collection on a tablet. i was dissapointed, but i did not show it. i can't download the tablet either i,like a<br />
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wide range of music. my faves are r&b, classic rock and folk rock of the 70,s. used to be called soft rock, but it means something different now.</p>

I must have as many songs as you have. All of them stored in a external HD that has broken and I don't know what I am going to do because it's extremely expensive to fix it. Why would you feel guilty? Well my husband tells that I look like a teenager for liking music so much. I don't know what one thing has to do with the other. The thing is I can't do wihout music, period!