The Effect Is Amazing!

It never ceases to amaze me the way that music can understand you totally. When I am dealing with something ‘too much’ to share with my friends, let alone my family, I turn to music every time. Personally I love punk/rock/pop and everything in between those categories. In particular, I worship My Chemical Romance. =) Don’t make fun; they’ve helped me haul myself out of some awful times!

I think I love this sort of music so much because in everyday life, I find it hard to express all my negative feelings…efficiently (for want/lack – whatever makes sense – of a better word) – all the anger, hate, fear, etc. The idea that you should “share to find that your friends do care” – well, it doesn’t always work, because in being human we tend to screw things up every so often.

So I find that I automatically reach for my mp3, my laptop, when I get stressed, upset or angry. See, when the music reaches the huge climax and the singer is screaming like life depends on them, it feels like me. Like I’m the one howling for some kind of understanding, for a stop to the prejudice, misunderstanding and impatience that keeps me from saying what I really mean sometimes. It feels like I’m letting go of the horrible sickening sensations and letting myself move on. It makes me feel. Feel like I’m alive, here, and not in some hell. Feel like I exist and will continue to exist and breathe and feel.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and that’s what I find so beautiful – so many different people with different beliefs, values and ways of thinking, these people with the different problems and dreams and hopes, all these people feel the same way about music. And it’s so beautiful. Do you find that it gives you some hope, that we can all unite and make a difference someday? Hope that we won’t always fight? Of course there will be days you’re feeling cynical and bitter about the world at large and life. But once in a while, when you’re feeling somewhat okay, knowing that you’re not alone in this astonishing feeling – doesn’t it just feel so good?

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2 Responses May 22, 2007

Yeah, I feel that music can help to get in touch with my emotions and that when I add my own body movement to the music it becomes even more helpful and expressive. <br />
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Read my blog about Faust and Dancing with the Stars, it explains this a little. You may get something out of it. <br />
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I feel the same way. Music really helps me find peace when I am having a really bad day, because it just seems to understand. It also makes me feel like someone else understands how I feel, which is very comforting :)