Jah Wobble?

I love world music.

Let me just put that out there, because some people happen to find world music very annoying.

I love Jah Wobble the best. How can one man - one Irish man from London - create a sound that involves 1.) Chinese harps, 2.) EXTREME dub bass, 3.) flutes and various other orchastra like instruments, and 4.) African tribal beats... and make it sound good? All while applying lyrics with deeping spiritual meanings atop them. Songs like "I Remember a Time" Or "Dawn Breaks over London" (which is about his fight with alcoholism) or "Lord Keep Me."

It's amazing to me.

I just love music. I love all types of music. I hate the stereoypes.

I listen to country because I live in a little redneck town in the middle of Oregon. WE listen to country in pick up trucks, with 8 people shoved onto three seats, the sound up as loud as it can go, dust flying.

I listen to emo when i'm sad and I want to scream, which isn't very often, but it happens.

I listen to punk SO OFTEN because I hate authority and sometimes I just wanna scream about anarchy and violence and listen to the Sex pistols and be like GRRR>

I listen to Gospel when I want to feel closer to God.

I listen to world music when I want to feel closer to God, but also when I want to look at my life, as say, "hey, this ain't so bad,"

I listen to rap when I dance, when I'm in the car at 6 in the morning with my bf Derek and we're dancing (somehow.)

I listen to techno whenever I get the chance, because who doesn't love techno? (Techyes!)

pretty much, I love music. Music is my backbone, the rhythm to which I live my life.

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1 Response May 22, 2007

this is a great post,affirms my views-thanks