My Music Collection

I am best described as a record collecting fanatic, i have over 3000 CD's, some very rare and it keeps growing. During the many years i've been collecting i have developed a fantastic knowledge of pop music. This has been mainly British since i belong there. The music styles are varied from jazz to reggae, 50's to 70's. I did have loads of vinyl, tapes and magazines but lack of space forced me to sell or give them away to charity shops. Any rare vinyl nowadays is put onto CD then sold of at a price usually slightly higher that i bought it in the first place.
Not much in to classical music as there doesn't seem to be a large demand for it. There maybe a few that are collectors items, though not many.
There are of course the odd spoken word mainly comedy that is collectible. I as a whole tend to avoid these as most aren't of interest to me.
There is probably quite a number of people out there who do collect records as a hobby rather than as a profit making business. After all there are price guides Goldmine for American Records and Record Collector for British ones are just two examples.
I do have the odd DVD as well but that's another collection which i'll put somewhere else.
fruity21 fruity21
Jan 6, 2013