Promoting Community Music!

I have always loved music. I am fairly certain that I was born with a song playing in my brain. Probably something like "Teen Angel" or something sappy like that. I joined the band in fifth grade and went on to college on a full music scholarship that I secretly didn't ever feel I deserved. Years passed after college and today I am in a superior community band that performs all year round. I am in a flute ensemble that is affiliated with the community band. I play contra bass flute in the ensemble. I can play most woodwinds and I get moved around from time to time. The point of this story is I have been in these groups for 10 plus years and I am 52! It is a supreme outlet for me as well as having so many comrades as family/friends. Anyone can do it even if you haven't touch a horn in 25 or more years! We even teach beginners sometimes that start at the age of 70, so it is never too late. Now go out there and find you a community band to be part of!
rhondajhall rhondajhall
51-55, F
Jan 6, 2013