My History With Music.

When I was quite a young age, my aunt gave me some pop CD's to listen to. Which consisted of mostly 90's to modern day artist's. I loved them, those that I can recall from back then are, the backstreet boys, nsync, and Christina Aguilera; the more well known pop bands of the time. I had adored them, I'd listen to them for I don't know how many hours in my bedroom. Loving every minute of Christina's voice. As I had gotten a little older though, my musical interests changed. I had started hanging out with the skate crowd; around my hometown in Oregon.

I had a friend who would listen to, Eminem, Insane clown posse, and 50 cent. Being a young kid at the time, I wanted to fit in with my friends and, "be cool" at the same time. I had asked him if he could let me borrow some CD's from him. Because I wanted to get to know some of these new artist's.He gave me the okay and gave me some albums that he fancied. When I got home, I popped in this one artist I had never heard of before,(Eminem). I noticed he had some very profane lyrics in his music. I was listening to all these words that I didn't even know the meaning of at that time.

This music differed greatly from the style of music I was into. But I enjoyed some of the songs, I had just listened to, and thought I might as well try another artist. It was a 50 cent album, When I put the album into my CD player. I noticed he to had a lot of profanity in his lyrics. With a lot of slang terms for sex and drugs. But something just clicked in me, when I heard 50 cent's flow on the mic. I remember skating with my friends and blasting the song, "Candy shop" into my ear canal. Without even knowing the meaning behind the lyrics.

Now that I look back on it, it's comedy gold knowing that I would sometimes sing that exact same song in my classroom; with teachers present, (quite embarrassing). As the future neared I had lost a lot of great friends, (due to them moving of course). I had lost a lot of interest in hip hop music. Because it had made me reminisce on all the good times in my life; with my buddies who I no longer knew. When I got into my high school day's, I began to listen to a lot of rock music.

I listened to a lot and I mean A LOT, of Breaking Benjamin in those days, ( I still do today). Because I could relate to their emotion filled lyrics.
I just loved the way the band could put so much emotion into their songs. But have such a deep impact on my life. It wasn't just one song either it was all of them. One day I had went out to a local record store, and picked up two CD's of a band who I had never heard of before. The first band That I remember putting in my disc tray was Hawthorne heights.

This is when, "Emo" music had made it's way into my life. I remember the sound being like a rock song, but it had a really catchy guitar tone to it. It was a bit depressing to listen to as well. With lyrics filled with melancholy such as, (So cut my wrists and black my eyes, so I can fall asleep tonight or die). Me being a 15 year old at the time, my life was a little mixed up.

I had a lot going on with my family, and school. So that music, was my way of escaping from the real world. As the Emo trend hit me, I started to listen to, Senses fail, A day to remember, Jimmy eats world, and Silverstein. I had also started to dress differently as well, wear dark colored clothing and skinny jeans. Grew my hair so it would cover one eye. That music had really made a big change to my life.

I had a lot of friends, who listened to a heavier style of music. With downed tuned guitars, and faster drum work. Along with some growly type screechy high pitched vocals. I remember I asked what kind of genre of music that was, and one of my friends said, " it's Screamo". I really enjoyed how the lead vocalist screamed out all of his feelings.

Instead of just "normally" singing out his emotions he, screamed them out. I could really relate to this style of music as well. Because it was basically just like a heavier type of Emo music. I felt as if I had to scream sometimes to get my emotions out. So that style of hardcore music really caught on to me.

When I turned 17, I had a friend give to me a Testament, and Venom album for my birthday. I was so excited to put these new CD's into my player, and see what these bands sounded like. I remember the instruments where faster in tempo, the vocals were easy to understand. The meaning to the lyrics were self explanatory. I had fallen in love with the style of music, my ears were listening to. Which led to me looking for some new bands, similar to the one's I had just listened to.

I was on Youtube all the time back then, which was a great music resource. I had found thousand's of metal bands to classic's to modern day. Including all sorts of variants of metal from, Thrash, Heavy, Progressive, Glam, to Death to Grindcore and even to brutal. I like to consider myself a metalhead and a rocker. Since those are the only genres of music I listen to nowadays. I've been listening to metal for six years. I've even been making my own music on my bass for about five years.

In no time in the future; am I going to give up my dreams with playing metal music. I'm always going to be a metalhead, and a metal lover for life.
Just1an1average1metalhed Just1an1average1metalhed
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013