Music Of My Childhood

This is what I was raised on, it STILL touches my soul...just in away I can't describe...I was actually raised on a few genres: Soul, R&B, Soul and R&B (Yes, there's a difference), Folk , Latin, Country and Classic rock. All at the same time. I also was heavily raised and LOVE old Low Rider songs..(¡Larga vida a la música Low Rider.) My mother had range, ha ha..I don't know,'s basically what I clung to as a child ( and still do) but also (as I say too much) I love music, it is my passion.

All of these songs are absolute staples of my childhood, when I hear this I am taken back and I still love all of these:

 This song is like THE song of my childhood. Picture this loud...very loud...this song...don't know what to say. But this is IT. Literally my childhood in one song. Takes me back....still ******* love it. First song I learned on guitar.

This song,'s's just...I don't even know what to say...major nostalgia. I still love this too...adore it.

I was raised heavily on Low Rider music as I previously mentioned and WAR is the pinnacle of Low Rider music...they are amazing...this is my roots. WAR is a huge part of my life.

This is the kind of music which I was raised on among other things. Just good music, man...what more can you say? ******* love.

Me and my father's song...this it. I overplayed this to death, resurrected it and killed it again! But it's still so ******* special to me. I love it. This was...OK, maybe THIS is my childhood in one song....


Do I need to say anything?

"I'll be dammed if he'll run mine". This is a quintessential song...just in general. And's just good music, I don't need to say anything, it speaks for itself.


OK....THIS is the song of my childhood. This is seriously...I love this song so much, still gets me.

God! So much love...damn I was raised right. Just...can't think of anything. If I could only verbalize how this touches me...

This next song is so incredibly special to me and it's just indescribable....:
Indescribable. First time I heard left me.

This song, man...can't even begin to tell you the love and memories associated with it...."lazy day in bed" music in my head"...

This was something else and still is...not everyone likes it but hey....I still love it.

I knew him well...still love this. I heard this at God,  I don't know how young I was...probably has something to do with my LOVE of the wah-wah pedal. (Guitar effect used in song)

Lowrider Viva la Música! This is such a huge part of my life, I can't even begin to describe:
Hermosa. Más allá de las palabras.....

Jesus. It touches me so much...this song is just...OK, I swear THIS one is my childhood. I still can't even begin to describe how much I love it...never could the first time I heard it. It's very hard to know of this song unless you're Mexican so...thank God. You need a Chicano to make you aware of this...end of story. Love it.

I've probably loved this one since I was old enough to talk. like this anymore.


Now, I'mm gonna take you real smoooth...this is the classic R&B and Mowtown I grew up on and adore. Prepare yourself...:





BUT at the same time I was being brought up on this I also was completely obsessed with The Man in Black:




I'm sorry but on every road trip I play this at least once...don't ride with me....

Now to every Yin there is a Yang. (Not saying any one genre is better than any other):

Rock, definition: AC/DC.

...just has that finesse. Love.


I can't even begin to try to describe how much I love Led and how utterly ******* phenomenal they are....

I'll stop here. This gives you an idea of what kind of music I was raised on and as I grew up older I just became more and more diverse and now...I just love every genre....

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Dude, you are truly an old soul haha. People always told me I was, but they obviously never met you lol. I only know about 3/4 of those songs. Almost fell out of my chair when I saw The Five StairSteps though. That song is my heart. But too bad I can't listen to it cause I start crying like a lil biatch lol. You got a really good variety there though. Can't say I've me too many people who can get down with some ACDC and some Percy Sledge. Though Rock n Roll and Blues go back like four flats on a cadillac lol. Surprised you didn't add 'Sitting on the Dock of The Bay' you gonna have 'Sitting in the Park' , but not 'Sitting On the Dock' !? you must add that to your list immediately! haha. okay, i'm done for now xP