I've decided a song I really want to cover is "Try" by P!nk. She inspires me in so many ways. The fact that she keeps pushing herself to get better is probably one of the biggest motivators for me. I used to do ballet, and the video clip is of an astounding dance sequence, so it speaks in more ways than just the lyrics.

Currently the lyrics (especially in the chorus) play a role in my life at present. There is a man involved, though I don't think any feelings are reciprocated... Anyway I'm going to try (no pun intended) to do an amazing cover of an amazing song.

Covers aren't really my thing so much though. I prefer singing my own songs, since they mean more to me... and I love composing as it is... I got into my composition course at uni so I'm halfway there to being able to write inspiring and wonderful music.

It's late at night, I have a sore stomach and I've just finished an assignment that's due tomorrow... my brain isn't really functioning, but I thought I would post this little story to see who would read it, and who would be inspired.
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please add me. want to chat? what music do you like?