Music Keeps Me Living.

I'm a teenager. You know, the very dramatic ones who take everything far too seriously? Just started high school and life couldn't be more difficult. I feel so alone because my friend's list is relatively small compared to others. I feel sad because I'm the skid in the back of the class everyone ignores. You can call me a loner, in some classes. I have a difficulty being myself and letting go and let live. I've traumatic experiences with family, friends, school, and overall life in general. When I was at my complete worst... You know what got me through it? Music. Any type, and every type. I liked soulful when I was in an intellectual, deep thinking mode. I liked rock when I felt a tad bit rebellious. I liked pop to dance the night away by myself when all I thought I would do was cry. I like classics when bringing me to a journey back in time was the only escape I needed. And sometimes, I even need One Direction to tells my little things don't matter. I've had almost everyone in my life leave. I think the only people that haven't are my mom, grandmother, and grandfather (from my mother's side). But even when they push me a side for personal issues, music never does. Music never has. And music never will. I have an aspiration that I can do the same for anyone suffering through a bad time or feeling like it won't get better. It does. It will. I want to speak to people, make music their life, too. Music is a way of life, and hopefully I'll get to pursue it one day. Use it as a tribute for helping me survive life's greatest volatile blows. Thank you, music.
Stephystar123 Stephystar123
13-15, F
Jan 10, 2013