Small Town Girl;

The night was so nice with the aqua ice shimmering in your eyes.
Sneaking out like the old days, sneaking past mamma's old ways I need to see you, I need to hear you scream.
I'm crazy just not as bad as you may think, but then again, I may be worse than anyone will ever know.
I walk around without an ego, pretending I have one so I can get by.
The drugs help me through, they help me through.
I don't care what others have to say, because life is beautiful either way.
I like the risk and I love the ride.
Nobody's gonna try to make it right.
It's all in my dreams to make things to be as exactly what they seem, but we're not gonna take it.
We're just trying to make it, make it, make it through.
It was him and I, then me and him, and then him and I, and then I myself; baby girl walks alone.
No matter what was said, my chin stays up.
I pour half the bottle in a cup and breathe.
I just breathe like there's no tomorrow, and I feel like it is my last time.
To live, to be in the moment, to know exactly what you want, to being unsure of what you want.
In the end, everything you've ever done is what you always wanted to do anyways?
So why cry when you live this life to fly?
SweetxSorrow SweetxSorrow
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i did.