Best Of Michael Jackson (imho)

Confession: I used to be completely and utterly obsessed with MJ therefore I know what the hell I'm talking about.
These are the some of the most underrated songs of his catalog, but his best (In my opinion):

 Best MJ song, hands down. Impeccable.



Funkiest **** ever. The bass is indescribable, in fact check this:



Bad as bad can be.





Hands down....





Now, I'm not trying to devalue Thriller - Bad but let's be honest, we can all name each track on those albums front to back, they're all  fantastic albums but I'm trying to give his rarities and non commercial singles attention. Even Off the Wall is overrated! **** what you think about disco, taht album is perfection, consider how young he was...This is what I feel like Michael deserves respect for, songs like these. In my opinion MJ's best album was Dangerous. Dangerous - Invincible (Dangerous,Blood on the Dance Floor,HiStory,Invincible)  To me those are the prime years, must hear MJ albums. Not because it's closer to me but rather based of my knowledge of music and the man himself, after analyzing every aspect of his songs as well. To which I know all of them, when I say all, I mean ******* ALL. I even bought that album from 09', 'member? Yeah, I bought that. I could even go on but I think this is enough.....too bad they stopped selling Essential Michael Jackson or I'd recommend that....

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Is that you doing the bass cover?