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John Lennon

" Hello Julian"...Sweet, the way he says it.

See you beyond the beyond, hopefully.

Love to you, multiplied by infinity to the depths of forever...Please Stand By Me !
loulan loulan 36-40, F 5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

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Quirky John can make my days better and my nights warmer. Their is no I like this one better , them 4 boys have equal slots in my heart.

He was my least favorite of the four.

I like all of them, but George is my favorite. :)

And after selecting a number of individual songs I am now selecting whole albums. Many, many songs I have never heard. Really good. Thank you.

I didn't realize the menu at the end kept changing - some pieces I don't recall ever hearing.

When the Beetles were new they were not important to me but as time has gone by I find I like them more and more.

They preached love......and to me, I think that's what is needed in this world....unconditional love.

And they did it with music that one could listen to.

Too bad it hasn't brought about Peace.

That's an impossible task, I'm afraid. Yes, I'm a pessimist.

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