i started to write, then posted, and was told choose a group. i had no idea of how to do this, so went looking, found this, which is true for me, but this is not about music.. its just that i have left a convent some time ago, and learned to use computers, and want to see if interesting people are here. sorry if thids is the wrong place, but i do love classical muic, especially church, and had to try to introduce myself somewhere. how does one choose or find groups?
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

getting the hang of this site is difficult and people do not really tell you how to do things. i managed to share on whiteboard once and never again. but some people are lovely. persevere.

i have been told i earned 4 tokens, whats that about?

not a clue, but i have some, for what they are worth.

Thanks, that's that solved, now world povery, ok !!! i wish