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I don't have very many fixed music artists as my "favorite", I usually go by songs. I love April Wine and Trooper as a band but I don't like ALL of their music. The Beatles, I love of course but again, not ALL of their music. Other songs like Always by Erasure or Radio by Yelawolf...I like those too.

My parents where huge music fans as I grew up, I have listened to most of their music..which is just fantastic. I love their style and I totally love the 60's, 70's and 80's. 90's where alright and 00's where okay but anything after 2005 wasn't anything to care for. Very few songs out there now a days that I actually enjoy. I'm lucky enough if I find that one song. I guess it's more of the new comers coming and the oldies retiring. Kinda sucks but at least we'll always have them in our hearts :)
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Maybe all that your looking for in a song is meaning. I find the lyrical stupidity of a lot today's conventional music to be rather vain. That is why I only really listen to Reggae. More specifically, of the Lover's Rock variety. You should give it a try. A have a few story and if you scroll to the bottom, all but one of them has a youtube video of a song attached.

Let me know what you think!

...Isn't it a little vain to be saying that you stick to one genre only without giving others a chance? I mean seriously, bashing my music is a bit offensive, especially when you're begging me to listen to yours.

...do you always assume the worse in people? I wont hold it against you as I tend to do the same. In any case, I stick to that one genre not necessarily because I don't think others have a chance, I do so because the specific style and melodies are to my liking. I have song from other genres as well but they represent a mere few. I just though you would like to check it out. I'm was not begging you and if I were a more emotional person, I would feel a bit offensive for you putting words into my mouth and assuming the worse.

But... I'm not. Lol. Peace.

<p>music junkies unite!<br />
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every decade has great songs, you just have to sift through till something grabs your attention.</p>

Thankfully, some did. I just forget about them. Gotye is pretty good.

I grew up listening to classic rock with my parents I love it still. I'm really into electronic music too but just to dance really. Classic rock & 90s are my go to music just to listen to :)

Cool beans :)