Scared To Tell My Past...

my current boyfriend whom i really love a lot is a bit possesive. maybe that is the reason i am scared to tell somethings about my past which i have never disclosed with anyone..i really love him and always find ways to impress him. but theres one guilt inside of hiding something...i really dont have the guts to confront him..its about my ex boyfriend.somethings that only we both know.i had to lie about it to my current boyfriend cuz i really dont wanna lose him..there is no way i can tell him the truth.he may never forgive me.i just wanna erase that part of my life...really scared of him coming to know about my past.felt really good to confess it here that i have lied him...hoping for the best...hope he sees my love for him and doesnt care about the mistake that i have made in the past.
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Jan 15, 2013