Music..listening...learning In My Dna

Since I was a kid there was always music playing in my house. I could hear my mother singing in the street. It gave a strong love of music.....all types. However this baby boomer doesn't know the newer music.
I went to college at a great time. Saw the Allman Bros. open for the Doobies. Stevie Wonder open for the Stones...Doors open for Simon and Garfunkle...all in small venues. All the great and not so great groups of that time. Two woman I would have love to have seen..Janis Joplin and Judy Garland!
It's the lyrics though that really grab my soul. So much of my life times and experiences are tied to a song, a performer. My memories are music based. I can share a lot if you are willing to listen.
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Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I can appreciate love for music. I feel the same way. Have an excellent day and week! ! !