Music Is My Escape.

I know my life is not near as difficult as others'. I am fully aware of that. But I also know that every person's struggles are just as important or hard to them as another's. I struggle with not knowing my real father. I am adopted by a man who is absent emotionally and seems to not care most of the time. My mother's an emotional wreck. I have literally no friends at school. And I crave friendship. But I'm one of the kids who walks alone. Who no one sits by. Which I don't understand because I'm not different from anyone else and I'm not "ugly" or "weird."

Music is literally my safe haven. Scott Orr and The Canvas Waiting saved my life. And I could NOT thank them more for what they've done for me without even knowing it.
marionrose marionrose
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

It sounds to me like you are very mature for your age. That's probably why you don't have a
lot of friends in school. Everything will work out, you will MAKE it work out!

I no how u feel