Music Is There For Me

Music is one of the few things that get me up in the morning.

I love just about every genre (except country), but I especially love screamo, rock, alternative, indie, and etc. I have spent a lot of money on iTunes in order to fuel my music habit lol. Music is as important to me as writing and reading. I own musical instruments, but I'm not very good at playing (I can play one song on guitar and on piano). I mainly just listen to the music, and listening to it makes me feel better about things.

I'm going through a rough patch in my life in which I'm depressed most of the time. So far I've kept my head above water because when I feel down, I listen to my music. When I want to get inspired to write, I use music as inspiration. If I need help going on with life, I use music as a crutch.

Music is my companion on lonely car rides and sleepless nights. Music is the closest friend I have.

Favorite Band: The Mars Volta
Favorite Song: "A Most Profound Quiet" by Alesana

Other Favorites: Modest Mouse, I See Stars, Blood on the Dance Floor, At the Drive-In, Iron Maiden, A Skylit Drive, The Blood Brothers, System of a Down, Linkin Park (old LP), Pierce the Veil, Green Day, Eminem, As I Lay Dying.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Hello, although we have way different taste in music I too am a lover of all genres. Living in Northern Cali, we love our underground. I also love 80's punk, oldies, Latin rock & Billy Holiday type shet.