When I was a teenager, i wanted to learn to play the guitar. I took a couple of lessons, and, as I didn’t have my own guitar, my teacher provided me one. The thing is, it was an acoustic guitar, and I wanted to play an electric guitar. As it turned out, I quit my classes, but ever since I admire guitar players.
These last weeks, I have been listening to one of the best guitar players in the world; Yngwie Malmsteen. In particular, I am listening to the album TRILOGY.
The album is awesome; there are two instrumental songs that are absolutely fantastic. Any guitar fan should be familiar with them
I am looking forward to listening to his other albums
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Your picture is tiny, but it looks like an Yngwie Strat. I have 2 of them, both killer guitars, by far my favorite guitars. If you have not already heard them check out guardian angel & overture 1383, I do believe those are his best instrumentals.

Two of my favorite guitarists: Michael Hedges (RIP); Pierre Bensusan. Also, a young woman I discovered on YouTube: Macyn Taylor.

One mistake that people make is thinking that they have to play like someone like Yngwie to enjoy the experience. (not saying you made that mistake.)

The spectrum of fun goes all the way from the release of making noise to being a virtuoso. There are plenty of worthwhile stops everywhere in between.

If you want to give it a go again, quality instruments have never been cheaper -- and the internet is a fantastic resource for beginners.


Years ago I went to a Dio concert. The 2 opening bands were Yngwie Malmsteen and Doro Pesch. Excellent, excellent concert! One of the best I've ever been to. Another legendary guitarist, of course, is Steve Vai. How do you like him?

I think Vai is one of the best; however, I dont like his music too much. I prefer Malmsteen and especially Joe Satriani

Finding something you enjoy is always nice...thanks for sharing

My mom started me with the Violin when I was young but it wasn't my thing and moved to the guitar, practice 3/4 hours a day for 20 years one can get pretty good at it.