Blood Pumping

Learn to value anything that helps you go through your problems.
I learned to love music by my own experiences in life. When I was younger I didn't have a MP3 to keep me company and give me the power shot to the spirit that music can give you. Most of my strength came from my inner strength and ability to imagine whole new worlds to escape to.

I highly regret that I discarded music is a power source for the soul on my early adolescence. Mind you, I had no idea how to search for my own style and where to start. I had no favorite artists and the only music CD I owned was about children songs. Bummer. I started getting into this whole universe at a slow pace, initiating my listening experience through game soundtracks, which took full place during my free time. I remember my first favorite track was the "Halo" theme, so pumping and soul reviving that I would listen to it nonstop through the title screen. At those times you needed to have a lot of imagination to get your music on. And I can't start to describe the wonder that it was to hear those unknown artists through the radio.

But then my parents bought me my first MP4, when I was 13 years old. I know, I was still young, but my colleagues had music players a lot earlier. I was never a cry baby about it, but I envied them. Starting from recording the music directly from YouTube speakers, I have now a good, average-size library of music, ranging from all styles but with Metal music at it's core. I just love it, makes everything better, and keeps the pain and hardness away... By making you as though as you can.

Up the irons.
Daggerfall Daggerfall
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013