Ha, What Would We Do Without Music!


Joshua Bell

I’d like to say first that I chose not to mention particular works, songs (though I could mention a few), as this might have added a lot in length to this short story.
Music reaches our soul and our body; and our soul and our body also express themselves through music.

As for the soul part, music evokes certain emotions, and lends itself very well to the expression of emotions.

I often say that I find that a person’s musical tastes tell me a lot about the emotions that inhabit that person, and to which that person is particularly sensitive.

So, in a way "Tell me what music, what works particularly touch you, move you, make you happy or sad, and I'll already have a good idea of who you are."

Of course, music is essentially about the sense of hearing, a sense (alongside sight and touch) that is particularly important for me. Should I no more be able to hear people’s voices, birds sing, music, I’d be quite sad.

ep uses the notion of moods, that are very close to emotions, I think, if not the same thing.

Here are moods that, for x reasons, in some way, resonate with me (with comments for some):

Accomplished - Yearn, like to feel like that




Anxious - Too often to my taste

Appreciated - Good feeling, but when need be, can be content with my appreciation only

Artistic - Love that


Blissful - Yearn for that, do not often get there

Calm - Very typical of what I value, of how I often am; it works so well, one performs so well, when calm


Confident - Something I need

Contemplative - Something I like very much


Creative - Love that

Curious - Very typical of me (OK, now, the anatomy of...)

Determined - Very typical of what I value, of how I often am

Delighted - I like to feel so




Ecstatic - Love that

Emotional - Love that, but will usually not let emotions run me, not let emotions override reason

Empathetic - Very typical of what I value very much, of how I often am

Enlightened - Love that

Excited - I like to feel so, but will usually not give in to excitement, not let it override reason


Flirty - What can I say...

Focused - Find it very important, am often like that

Giggly - Part of my buffoon side

Good - Very typical of what I value very much

Grateful - Find it very important


Horny - Happens even in members of good families...



Inspired - Love that, am much looking for it, whatever I do, but especially when writing

Intense (added) - Love that


Loved - Am much looking for it; particularly want to be loved by a lady


Mischievous - Am often like that

Motivated - Find it very important

Naughty - What can I say...

Nervous - Yes, I often am, as I’m never sure that I’ll be able to meet the demands, especially mine


Passionate (added) - Find it very important; am somehow an extremist, here, I passionately do something, or I simply do not do it; mildness not really my thing

Peaceful - Find it very important

Pensive - Very typical of how I often am

Playful - Very typical also of how I often am; seriousness alternates with playfulness


Positive - Trying very much to be



Relaxed - Very typical of what I value, but have often difficulty being so


Satisfied - Very typical of what I value, what I look for very much

Sensitive (added) - Very typical of how I am

Serene - Very typical of what I value very much


Stressed - Very typical of how I often am

Sympathetic - Very typical of what I value very much, of how I often am

Thankful - Like grateful

Thoughtful - Very typical of what I value very much, of how I often am


Touched - Love that

Worried - Too often to my taste

Anyone who pays attention to the moods mentioned, and to the comments, will have a good idea of what music I like, and of who I am.

As for the body part (of music), I see it as an extension of the soul part. Some music will be appeasing, relaxing, and, conversely, when appeased, relaxed, our body will act, behave in a certain way.

One important way music reaches our body, and our body expresses itself, let’s say, musically, is dance.

Some music will be rather local; some other, more universal, knowing no particular nationality, language, boundaries (for ex. works of great classical composers, like Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc).

Music goes very well with films. In fact, when the choice of music is particularly good, appropriate, it enhances quite a lot the value, the quality of a film. Often, music sets the tone, the atmosphere. Two examples, among many others, come to my mind: Woody Allen, and Atom Egoyan. And often, again, when the choice is particularly good, appropriate, we get to associate very much music and film.

Young, I played some classical, or acoustic guitar; it is an instrument that I like. Other instruments that I particularly like (though I never really played them), are piano, violin, viola, cello (so near the human voice, and thus lending itself well to the expression of emotions), oboe.

Should I go into music, I’d be particularly attracted by composition, less by interpretation. Don’t know exactly why.

Types of music that I like: classical (a lot, and then, particularly Mozart, slow movements), popular (a singer-songwriter like Georges Moustaki, with whom I identified very much, when young; poetic, calm, tender), rock (I like, but definitely not like some people who swear by that music, by some groups), country (music that’s quite near to one’s heart, to one’s particular experiences), jazz (the improvisation aspect, of course, but also the expression of one’s mood at a certain time)).

I like music that is melodic (Mozart’s music, I find very melodic).

Where there are music and words, I attribute much importance to both.
Karll Karll
56-60, M
Jan 18, 2013