A Musical E Xperience

When I was young about two or three my experienc was just being introduced.

My parents were both from military. Background .Bac k in the 1930 a makeshift of todays guitar was used for close by troops too comunicate. With the leader. Situated near by in possibly a tank or some kind of vehicle .Tapping noises simulating todays drums would also be form of comminication in drills or combat .this is were my disipline and motivation starts.

I started school and was already. Knowledged of reading as my parents and Grand Parents had encouraged me too learn comunnication at such a young age . I remember walking around the block as a child and was told by Grandpa alwas count three steps forward and backtrack your thoughts .Today I Wonder if he wanthed me too stand still and think . Of course me and my sister would talk and soon too come was a big day in the justice court room . Not going too give the details of this free bird experience although. Lack of comunication. Is a subject. Someone else may be offended as I have skipped a topic for personal and friendly resons. Relative too. Possitive kindness is a goal..

When I was in about grade 2. I was walking with my sister and found I could hear music before it was ever played I knew then I Had some kind of musical quality developing and was sure was from. Ancesstry was almost unnderstanding what at that time was concidered cychic and today may be proven too be the early form of todays computer.Now I wonder how does a song writer thic where do we start .

One night while I was sleeping a gymclass assembly was discused and a band was comming too amuse the school .

Well I am not toooo sure but Iam quite sure I can understand were Pink Floyd. Lynyrd Skynyrd and airosmith were announced..

I am only writing this as a storey and hope not too offend anyone. As I do realize I have left some major points out too expand. Ask me about. Creed. Staind. Or Three Doors Down hopeing too hear a reply or receive some stories. Would like the chance too discuss anything. Wishing too discuss ..Some boundaries may apply not gonna bight more than chew .

schmucko4u schmucko4u
Jan 19, 2013