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Love All Concerts Of Old Rock Stars!

I am going to see Billy Joel when he comes back to NY. Also love Bobby Vinton era stars including Dion, and Frankie Valli,... tho i am 30 years younger than some of these old crows ... God Bless them tho.. love 'em!!
Harmony247 Harmony247 41-45 2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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I have never seen Billy live, that would be such a treat. Sometimes that old music is just fantastic and should not be forgotten.

Nice! I Love "The Stranger" album by Joel. "Sticky Fingers" by the Stones, too. I like the 50's-60's stuff too. Bobby Darin, Righteous Brothers, Bonnie and Delany, Jackie Deshannon. Just finished listening to "Green grass and high tides" by the Outlaws.

love the righteous brothers :)