New Upcoming 2013 Hot Movie-broken City

The new upcoming movie ‘Broken City’ was released on Jan 18th and now it is playing in many theaters. Kicking off 2013, there are a bevvy of movie treats for film buffs out here.

Director of Broken City: Allen Hughes
Main Cast: Mark Wahlberg as Billy Taggart; Russell Crowe as Mayor Nicholas Hostetler
Runtime: 1 hour and 49 minutes

Broken City is a film that's loaded with big-name actors, with multiple Oscars and Golden Globes and whatnot between them. Certainly, they bring serious energy to the material. Russell Crowe swaggers broadly from scene to scene.

This is a complex double cross saga so keep your ears open and eyes wide. It begins with a murder in a NY project modeled after Bedford Stuyvesant. Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) shoots someone who has harmed his girlfriend's sister. Taggart is cleared of all charges and manages to get clean and sober with the help of his girl friend played convincingly by Natalie Martinez. He becomes a private eye and is brought back to work for his old boss, Mayor Hostetler (Russell Crowe), to investigate some personal business for him. The Mayor is fighting a neck and neck campaign for re-election against James Valliant (Barry Pepper).

It sounds frightened for someone who hadn’t seen the type of films. The movie may be kind of a mess, but it is amusing I think. I enjoyed it very much when I watched it. Because it can evokes your spirit of an old RKO flick. If you want to feel the spirit and solve the riddle, please see the film. It has the same theme of Sidney Lumet films, but with greater skill.

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Jan 21, 2013