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Zac Brown Band Keep Me In Mind

great band
 great song

Stephen1967 Stephen1967 46-50, M 5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Gotta admit that I do have an affinity for them. :-)

yea they seem to me to be real serious artists that have a love for music...I'd really like to see them live in concert once.

There are a few artists I would like to see in concert, but most of them are less main well known, less mainstream. I have a "thing" so singer/song writers, groups and artists that actually really care about the music they play and have real talent.

If you care to share the names of some groups you like sometime that would be cool. I like the lesser well known bands to, some are very good and either never got a chance at the big time or just never cared too.
There's a band here in Montana called Mission Mountain Wood Band that is quite good. They have a big outdoor concert in Missoula from time to time, I've had more fun at some of their festivals than most big name concerts I've been to.

I love outdoor concerts, in the summer time, smaller acts, friends, music, sun. Some great memories at music festivals. ... *sighs* ... is winter over yet?!I

I've never heard of Mission Mountain Wood Band, so they sound like they would be right up my alley. I'll have to look them up when I get home. When I get back to my computer later I will also happily share some of my favorite groups/musicians. Though my taste can be eclectic.

Right now I'm listening to The Civil Wars. :-)

I'll check them out..thanks H :)

Welcome Stephen! :-) Always a pleasure. ;-)

Hey their don't see a duo very often with no band. thumbs up!


I'm glad you like them. "Poison & Wine" and "To Whom It May Concern" are my two favorite songs on their Barton Hollow album. I even wrote a story about and shared the second song here on EP awhile ago. They also recently did a duet with Taylor Swift for The Hunger Games Movie, called "Safe & Sound", very pretty.

Unfortunately, they decided to go on "hiatus" in November. :-(

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When they first started I wasn't a big fan, but now I really like their music

Zac's hats are so sexy on him, they make him sound better. :)

So that's his secret ;)

Well I do like them, but I love the beard just as much...

I just like the music :)

Says the man who posted a video of the tango. Looks like sex standing up! LOL

It is ;)

I think it's really about seduction ...but some can make it look pretty hot

LOL..I have never danced that so I wouldn't know. :)

yea I don't imagine I'd look to smooth trying that either...

Yea, gimme a kitchen chair about a yard a rope and some American woman on for sound and I'm good! LOL

What's the music for? *laughs*

Hehee..that's my lap dance song! I imagine it...never have done a lap dance before you ask! But its in me, suppressed and wanting to come out! Love the song...

oh souly always surprise me :)

I do? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

the jury's still out on that one..*chuckles*

: o Oh no...I better sweet talk the jury!

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Good ole Georgia boys!

They are great! Love their whole attitude!

i love ZBB. I hope somebody somewhere keeps me in mind lol i even have this ringtone lol

high five!