Being Entertained And Engaged In The Bliss Of Music.

I'm sitting here at the computer going through all the booklets I've collected from the vast variety of concerts,musicals,opera's that I've been to.Wondering what experience's of the performing arts I can share with you.Music is such a passionate and personal thing,the varieties are endless,there isn't one that is better then the next;they are all so complex in there writing and composing of the music.From solo performers,to orchestra's, their all amazing to listen too. At this time the greatest concert I went to was At Boondall Entertainment centre,Brisbane.I brought tickets for Cristina Aguilera,she is gifted from the heavens;Man can that lady sing and entertain. I'm a big Stevie Nicks fan,But! I can honestly say after the concert I had a new person to top her in my books.The stage props were amazing,if you have been to a real good circus,then that is the show Cristina , and her dancers, put on. The costumes ,fire twirlers,the colours;everyone that had come to see her were involved and entertained.It was brilliant.

The very first musical I went to was Cats at the lyric theatre , Brisbane. I went with a friend and we didn't know what to expect,we had balcony seats,about 2-3 rows back.I were gob smacked,The work that was put into the costumes, make-up and props was outstanding,it must've taken the performers hrs to prepare for each nights performance.There was something going on all over the stage,We didn't know where to look,if we looked at one cat performing,you missed another somewhere else.The set was made to look like night time in an alley,cat's climbing out of the back of old cars.Some of the cast climbed over the chairs in the theatre and sang to different people.I were so busy watching the cats down stairs, that I were scared the **** out of by another cat that put his hand on my shoulder and sang the song especially to me,I did'nt know if I could pat him like a cat ,or sit and be good.I choose the second one,I wish I did'nt;you are supposed to get involved. And then the song to end all songs was sung,Memories,It was sung so beautifully that it brought a lot of people to tears and I were one of them.Well! thats my story on I love music for now,I hope you enjoyed reading about a couple of my concert adventures. Rock on.
Lesely Lesely
51-55, F
Jan 22, 2013