My first experience with music was on eight track tapes in my dads car. He would play Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Bach.  He also listened to old country singers like Tammy Wynett, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers.  I liked this type of music, but never told my dad.  I used to pick on him like all kids do to let them know they dont like their music, because it was the early era of rock and young kids loved it and thought it was cool music.  Everything new was cool.  My dad hated the screaming of rock he said he couldnt understand the words so he hated rock music.

I grew up in the times of eight tracks and then it went to cassette tapes which was the new smaller version of recorded music.  I liked rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, AC/DC,  and Iron Maddien.  This was also the time of disco music with bands like Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, and KC and the Sunshine Band.  All of wich I loved, but my dad hated.  This brought on more picking from me.

Then came the eighties and nineties which is were music started to vary from rock to pop rock and R&B music.  The era had stars like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and Donna Sumers.  Again this invoked more picking on my dad.

Music has then since went on in many ways all of which I love and which my dad hates.  We constantly argue about music to this day as I have never stopped picking on him.  You can say I am very diversified in the types of music I listen to today, but I will still never let my dad know I love classical and country too!  
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This really brings back memories. It kinda reminds me of a song I love called the rock-n-roll waltz. An oldy but goody.

I love your story,It's sweet in a way.(between you and your dad) We all can relate to the teenager thing,I did the same thing to my parents and now my daughter does the same to us,the music is'nt cool enough.But! I've seen and heard her friends and her dancing to our music in the back of the car.I to grew up with a good range of music,and as I've grown,so has my variety of music and the performing arts.