I enjoy a wide variety of music. Depending on my mood at the time and the
particular song, nearly any genre of music at one time or another. If I had to
pick a favorite song, or even a favorite group I couldn't do it! I also like to
play guitar sometimes, though I don't practice nearly enough to be much
good at it. I know a couple songs, and a bunch of chords, usually when I
do get it out I just strum chords making up my own stuff. I love music!
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When people ask me what my favorite band is I don't have one. However I do tend to prefer 80's music above all else but I like it ALL not just one group. I choose my music as to my mood and/or to how the song makes me feel in general. I do like somethings in other genres.....

I know what you mean. I myself like many kinds of music also :-)

I know what you mean - there are so many good bands to call just one a favorite. You play an acoustic guitar - nice. Nothing like sitting around a fire in the summer eve's listening to someone playing a guitar. Mind my asking what brand? Me - I have no talent when it comes to playing but make an excellent listener :)

It's a Sigma that I've had since my thirteenth birthday. It probably
wasn't expensive or anything, but it has a good sound and it's
stained dark brown instead of the more common blonde color.
I like it, anyway. I'll have to get it out more, talking about it's made
me want to play! ( : Best wishes, Sean

I love this! It's so refreshing to hear it. I'm constantly surrounded by people who are unable to branch out of one or two genres.
Also if you like listening to beautiful songs i suggest this:

Thanks for the comment! I'll check out the link in a minute.

I liked the song, thanks!

Nice song!