♥♥♥ G ♥ H ♥ O ♥ S ♥ T ♥♥♥

He was calling, and calling..and I was lighting my cigarette in silence, without answering ...I knew that if I had...Things would of change big time.
But I told him..."Remember that I 'll be always on your side..."

.....The phone stopped ringing...I almost felt relief and button my long rope, walking fast from room to room of the palace... The cigarette in my mouth,
and the feeling of being observed...

The phone starts again..."This is love I can feel it, it's clear.
I don't answer"...This time I stop. And I sit down....
I catch my breath again and fix my hair just a bit.
" I can't think about it! Dam! I need to answer now...and so I do".

But on the other side a familiar voice whispered..."I Lost You"
And stopped right there.
When I tried to call back immediately after, in tears and agitation,
in hope, and great sense of guilt, but not foundation, a recording said
what I wished I never, ever, had to hear...

The number did not EXIST.

I'm a Ghost!


Isabellaaa Isabellaaa
51-55, F
Jan 25, 2013