Me And Bobby McGee

With crystal clarity songs can take us right back to certain times in our lives where we were sad, glad, in love etc. Any and all emotions and feelings can be elicited when remembering songs.

In the middle of one long winter I had decided to hitchhike to Rhode Island to visit Ramón, an artist friend of mine who was house sitting a cabin. Between the few rides I thumbed, I belted out Me and Bobby McGee with gusto, ignoring the bitter cold.

This was Ramón's break from the busy city to solitude, to regroup and to refuel his creativity. We shared meals, the meager heat from the wood stove, music and the many stories of our friends and their pursuits.

Hitting the road again I resumed my singing. I felt lightweight and free, just Me and Bobby McGee.

Janis Joplin would have been 70 years old on January 19th had she not died prematurely at age 27 in 1970. Rock on Janis.

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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

Isn't it amazing how our hearts are wired to our music memories? I just hear the very first notes of my favorite 70's songs and a flood of sensations will wash over me...sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but always appreciated on my journey. Thanks for sharing C: