Asi Se Baila El Tango

I may have to sign up for dance class

Stephen1967 Stephen1967 46-50, M 3 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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This video is a stirring portrayal of a passionate, seductive, and thoroughly pleasurable dance. Thank you for calling it to our attention.

Are you sure they are dancing? LOL

I LOVE the tango! Can't see a video, though. Did you post a link?

This one's a favorite song and film clip of mine with the tango.

ok try that

That worked. Thanks. :) Very sexy! I want to take lessons again, too.

I like that movie, Scent of a Woman and yes that is a memorable scene

Definitely. The song is at the end of True Lies, too, and I like that scene as well for its comedy.

Ah yes, I remember that now...Jamie Lee cracked me up in that movie

She was hilarious! The scene in the hotel room when she dances for him - she was sexy and funny at the same time. When she lost her grip and fell I laughed, mostly because I'd probably do the same thing, lol.

She stole that movie I thought...who was that lead guy? one even remembers!

Haha - yes, I think people do remember, but that was cute. I think it was Tom Arnold's best performance. ;)

When I saw he was in the movie I thought 'blah'...but he did play the part well.

I agree. Not a fan, but I thought he was good in that role. Eliza Dushku played the daughter. She grew into a very pretty woman and was great as Faith in Buffy.

I was originally looking for some flamenco guitar music when I got sidetracked and found this video....happens to me alot on Youtube

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