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My Life Still Cracks Me Up...

In late 1973, I recorded my first record album. It was me playing guitar and singing original songs. It was a limited run of albums. The plan was to have an album to sell when I played at coffeehouses. I wasn't thrilled about the manufacturing quality of the pressing so, after most of them were sold, I decided not to reorder but to record another album creating my own label and choosing a different record manufacturer. In 1975, I released my 2nd album, which I liked much better.

During my 30's, I abandoned the guitar to write instrumental music on synthesizers. In my 40's, I switched back to drums and drum circles and the rest is history, as they say.

In 2009 I received an email from a guy from Sweden. He wrote to see if it was really me and to tell me how much he loved my first album. (He didn't even know there was a second album). He told me which were his favorite songs and asked about my songwriting/performing career. He even told me he was listening to his favorite song of mine while he emailed me.

He asked whether I had another copy for sale. I explained that even I no longer owned a copy of that first album!

I told him about my second album and subsequent cassette tapes and I made an MP3 file of my best version of his favorite song and sent it to him.

Weeks later, coincidentally, a girl from Sweden requested to be my 'friend' on Facebook. I joked with my friends and family about how I should be preparing for my 'Swedish Comeback Tour.'

Out of curiosity, I did an internet search and discovered that several east and west coast radio stations have played cuts from that first album! It also comes up on several international lists of albums! The Europeans had even written favorable reviews of that first album!

What I couldn't figure out was how it came to be on anyone's radar at all! I was nobody famous!

In July 2010, I got an email from a guy in Scotland telling me how he has been searching for my first album for years and would I have a copy left that he could buy.

Watch for my "Swedish/Scottish Comeback Tour."

A few years ago, my mother died. Among her effects was a box of my albums. She had about 20 copies of my 2nd album and 8 copies of my first album! A record collector in Sweden had offered me $100. each for however many copies of the first one I was willing to sell... So, a few went to Sweden. :-)

It has gotten to the point where I get inquiries about that album each month... mostly from European countries but sometimes from fellow Americans. A Greek music magazine wrote an article about me and that first album (in Greek) and a recording studio in Greece digitized both albums and sent me the digital copies.

I have been uploading those two albums to as well as four albums I recorded on cassette tape, back in the day.

This week, I got two more offers to buy both albums. Minutes ago, I spotted my first album for sale on Ebay! The bidding is up to $76.00 and it isn't over yet! (Update: The bidding just closed at $190.37!!)  Can you imagine how weird it is to be a 59 year old drummer getting this much recognition for something I did when I was 20?

My son is 21. He just recorded his first CD of his original music. The CDs arrived yesterday. Won't HE be surprised in 35+ years?!

Life is funny, when you get the joke.


musicbook musicbook 61-65, M 4 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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Remarkable feedback..internet helped you rediscover your music capacity. Great!

I am not sure again why you are so surprised that others relate to you and "get" your song writing. Those who are fortunate enough to hear your music know your talent. What little I have seen and heard is incredible. You are aweome. I am glad life is reminding you. Your great humility leaves you chuckling.

That is just so cool !

I can't get over it! Where were these people when I was a 20 year old college student sleeping in a sleeping bag on my apartment floor next to my dog to save on heat?! I sold those albums for 5 bucks each back then! lol

I loved this one, musicbook! Thank you for it. It is funny indeed when you get the joke! xoxo