It has been an interesting day at my house. It started with a text from my daughter. I thought maybe she was sick or forgot something and I would have to go to school for something. But no....the text read "tell my brother FOB IS OFF HIATUS JFJHDKDSFKDJ". When I tell my son he lets out a yell (he was driving) and then tells me to text her back that she better not be playing. From that moment all I have heard in his car and in my house is Fall Out Boy. Then my son tells my daughter that he will take her to the concert. She literally falls in the floor screaming and crying....yes I said crying. She then thanks Jesus, God and me for giving birth to her big brother! She didn't get this crazy when he took her to see Muse. The funny part is that I like them and wouldn't mind going to the concert but wouldn't dream of crashing their fun. But that's what music will do for you. It will make you lose your mind, roll around on the floor crying, jump up and down and even give your Mom credit for something. I can't imagine what will happen after the concert. Music will do that to you.
Queenie50 Queenie50
36-40, F
Feb 5, 2013