A Different World

Music takes me to a different world, the way I feel for music is beyond love. It's there when I am happy, sad, angry, frustrated, hyper. I can endulge myself inside music. I could guide myself to music when I do not want to share my problems with others. I'll listen to a song over 40 times to find a meaning or daydream how I am feeling out of this world. I can dance to it, sing it, or I can listen to it. The rymths, beats, lyrics all take an important role and more. I can listen to any genre as long as it is soundly pleasing to my ears. I escape the world when listening to music, my fantasies developed profoundly through each and every song. Music is incredibly satisfying.
LaVitta LaVitta
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2013

<p>I too feel like music takes me places and I can go deep inside myself,it inspires me,mostly classical music,symphonies,musical poems,concertos,also, it takes me back to the past and I have found new understandings listening to music.</p>