Just Instruments

Sometimes just the sound of instruments is better then someone trying to express it with words because just sound lets you use your own imagination to see what you want to see.. Sounds can give everyone a different feeling and a different thought but when people use lyrics in a song you can't imagine what you want to fully because the lyrics put a certain feeling in your head..

I love the piano and Violin.. They are very beautiful instruments not trying to say that the others arent.. I love the harp.. But each instrument gives off a different feeling and depending on how it is played can make a huge difference on the feeling..

I think music is the best way to express yourself whether you play it or just listen to it.. Everyone has a favorite song and everyone like some kind of music.. So Music is something that EVERYONE has in common.. I believe that it is a way to show your feelings whether is has words or not.. I love both.. And i do love at least one song from every kind of music..

Thank you for reading......
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2013

Yep, music allows me to express myself. I am learning piano, and maybe someday I would try the violin and guitar. Music allows me to relax, and just let it flow through.

I gotta agree on that. Sometimes I sit down and jam out on acoustic guitar through a loop station just for 'dat feel'. It gets so intense I have to pick up anything else with tonality and go nuts. Woop!

I love the acoustic guitar..Personally it's my favorite.. My boyfriend played me a song before with his.. That's probably why i like it so much..

That's sweet. Sweet licks and chops that is. Har har har har!