I find myself thinking about music on a daily basis. Maybe its because i am a musician, but most of my thoughts are on other musicians. When i listen to my favourite songs, i feel it... i feel emotion, so many things go through a persons body by the melodies they choose to effect them and nowadays i feel as if we are drifting away from whats real and raw to what sells.

What sells is a 4 sentence long course repeated with a catchy beat! I cant get lost in that, yes maybe it makes me want to dance..... but thats when I'm getting wasted at the club.. I wouldn't play it as my wedding song or at my funeral or dub it as "my song"..
Song with life and meaning like! Yesterday by the Beatles.
Those songs are when your going on long drives and you just need to get away or songs you can cry to and be happy at the same time, something you can relate to, camp fire songs.

What's happening?

I guess thats why we have Genres, but maybe music shouldn't have Genres.... music is music right?? i know metal is completely different then country... but we are all doing it for the same reason, because we love the art..

Music for me, isn't something i try to do, to become a millionaire, but because it feels good for the soul.

cardhousedream cardhousedream
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

I'm not a musician, anything i've ever played i've done by ear, which is fun but only gets me so far. But i agree music effects us on so many levels.