Soundtrack Of My Heart

There are songs few and far between that both awe and inspire; a feeling from within that touches the very soul. These songs help me to communicate feelings within my heart that I otherwise may not be able to express. Songs that changed my life in some ways; or helped me cope in other times.

If I could make a soundtrack that showcased my heart and how my brain works; this would be it; so here it is to share. It may be fun for others to do the same - what is the soundtrack of your heart? Your soul?

25 of my favorite songs:

Bliss - Wish U Were Here [Buddha Bar Remix]
Blackmill Feat. Veela - Let It Be
Alpha - Firefly (RECEIVER MIX)
VAST - Touched
Balligomingo - Marooned
The Maccabees - Unknown
Martina Topley-Bird - Anything
Duran Duran - Come Undone
Dave Gahan - Saw Something
Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
Sting - A Thousand Years
Stabbing Westward - Why
Enigma - Gravity of Love
Hurts - Illuminated
Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache
Poe - Haunted
Within Temptation - Somewhere
Hybrid - Disappear Here
Jes - Like A Waterfall (Flipside Ambient Remix)
Valentine - Feel So Bad
York feat. Angelina-Ice Flowers (ORIGINAL MIX)
Transit - Always Find Me Here
Massive Attack - Dissolved girl
Chase & Status - Time (Queensway Remix)
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour

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Feb 16, 2013