My Eternal Life Partner

Ethos, a contemporary of Pythagoras, claimed that different sorts of music evoke specific responses in people, en masse and individually, that we use to accomplish multiple, sociological goals all the time- a war march rallies the warriors, a stringed serenade seduces a lover's beloved, and a funeral march comforts the grievers. Music moves the mountains and evens the tides of my existence- nothing I've found in this life pacifies emotional turmoil, grants the ineffable transcendence we share an accessible voice to share, allows catharsis vocally and aurally, creates a momentary experience of order that blocks out the entropic noise that pervades modern life,  and aligns the mind, body & soul to express the liberation of the whole as well as music does.

I sing, sway, drum, swing, writhe, groan, improvise, moan and am anesthetized under its enchantment-
Music fills the composition of each day with familiar and foreign tones, melodies and movements.

We're eternal life partners- music & I
AthenaAdAbsurdum AthenaAdAbsurdum
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6 Responses Jun 7, 2007

Phew, a bit deep that, but I do agree.. Do you play an instrument ?

Yeah, this is very well written, like great music!

Yeah, this is very well written, like great music!

Ah-h-h- musicaly poetic sstory<br />
Evocotive, well done indeed!

Very nicely said, Athena. I am leaving for a week in the mountains today teaching a group of songwriters. I think I'll print your comment for the others and see if it evokes any inspiration.

What more can I say than I totally agree.